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Life gives us loads of great things, it may not always seem like that but if we know how to view things and if we stop being harsh on ourselves we can see them. Some people are excellent at this and I like to think that at most times I can appreciate what is around me.

It also throws us challenges and that’s when it can be harder. Can we turn these things to the good or can we handle them as they are and learn from them as we are meant to? Can we accept what is on our path?

Often we want to change things – small things and big things, we believe that if only we were slimmer that life would be better; if only we got through all the ‘crap’ then we’d have a joyous time; if only that person would leave the job, our working day would be better. I’m sure you know the kind of thing I mean but if we are in that mindset then we are not in the moment and we are not in acceptance.

As I’ve shared, health is my top value, I’ve been investing in it all year as I’ve been on my journey of recovery from Adrenal Fatigue and it’s very important that I get my health to be the best it can be. It’s for me but also for my clients because I talk to them about self care and also run these amazing walking experiences which are all about space and time for you/ for them to put yourself first and focus on your life and how to design it as your heart desires. So if I don’t take care of me, how can I expect you to take me seriously and what I’m asking others to do.

Of course it doesn’t all go smoothly and after three weeks of weight loss, increased exercise and doing my nails, this week brought a few slip ups. I could see myself falling back into my old mindset of ‘I’ve lost some weight so now I can eat a bit more’ and off I go. Self-sabotage starts to take over.

This time though I stopped myself, I talked nicely to myself when before I would have been really mean to me and I just accepted the situation and the fact that today was a new day. There was a wobble or two, it came yesterday. Today, I am back on track and this afternoon I found a great quote that inspired this post and will become one of my mantra’s, it’s just the right thing for me. The quote from Tommy Rosen says –

“In this moment, I am in acceptance of all my life – its challenges and its joys. I am blessed.”

I intend to keep this to hand and use it when I feel tempted or triggered, perhaps it’s my new rule. Might this help you too? Would love to hear what you think? You know what to do, comments below please.

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