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Colourful walking

We’re now in one of my favourite walking times of the year – autumn when the forest and woodlands are clothed in the most wonderful colours. In our fast paced day to day lives we so rarely get an opportunity to ‘be’. By this I mean, just to take a moment or two, to stop, look around and appreciate where we are. Now you may not want to do that when standing in a very small space on the tube but if you’re out and about, it’s a very different story. Even in built up areas and city streets the beauty of autumn can be seen. I was taking photos in my garden the other day of the glorious range of colours in the strawberry pot and in the hydrangea bush. Now take that up to a grander scale and step among some trees.

Nature is truly wonderful as she gives us so many colours and textures to appreciate. Feeling a little stressed? Then take your frustration out by crunching through or kicking through those leaves. You can do it when you’re happy too with a loved one on a romantic walk, with the kids who’ll love the opportunity to disperse piles of leaves or how about with a good friend. If you play it right include a stop at the pub for lunch, stop in one of the many coffee shops or come home to tea and muffins or hot chocolate.You see you don’t have to belong to a walking group to add to your social life and health benefits and if you are willing to travel further afield, the world is your oyster.

If you go on the internet and google ‘walking’ you can get hold of loads of information. For example, and I’ve just done this as I’m writing, you can find out information about walking and fitness but what about which tells you where you can walk throughout the united Kingdom. If you fancy a day trip or a weekend away this can help you find a great spot and a number of walks to try out. It also provides a guide on ‘how to start walking’ and info on how to use the site.

Another tool I found under ‘walking’ was This is a great tool if you live and work in London as it’s an urban walking route planner and it can save you time and money.  It lets you see how easy it is to walk around London by keying in where you want to get to and you can formulate your own routes too. Having a day ‘up town’, then include a walk in one of your fantastic parks and do a little of the Regents Canal too. Tourists can use it but also workers who find it enables them to get around more quickly and not have to take taxis etc. It’s often only a short distance to your destination.

If you get the walking bug, which I hope you do, then I’m very happy to advise on kit and where you can pick up good bargains. Until then, just try it out and see what you think and let me know what you discover.

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