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Escape the Day to Day

Imagine 2 or 3 days just for you. Time when you have only yourself and your life to think about.

Space for you to think, time to read, to snooze, to journal, to wander, to connect with nature. Time to focus without interruption.

Can you imagine what time away like that can do for you? Can you imagine how relaxed you will be on return? Can you imagine what you could bring to ‘be’ after this time out? Perhaps a new way forward, a new plan, a different way of doing things?

You will glow with the time spent in fresh air; your head will be clearer; you’ll have made some decisions; you’ll have made new connections. You will be on a new or rejeuvenated path, one that serves you and is aligned to who you want to be in the world.

On our ‘escape’ experience wherever it takes place, there will be fizz and cakes, walks, talks, chat and laughter. Plant Ally and Tree Wisdom cards to pose questions, to make us think, to guide and to help us put things into perspective. There will be opportunities to explore, to discover what is important to you and then help and support in putting together your routemap and taking things forward.

Whatever happens in our venue, wherever in the world it may be, stays there. We create a safe place to speak and to be heard, a safe place to ask for help and to take on board the support of a small group of caring women who are all there for each other and wishing the best for everyone involved.

It is planned that there will be 2 or 3 retreats a year in different places such as the UK, Crete, France and both mainland Spain and Mallorca.

I would like to invite you to join me on the first one from Friday 28th July to Monday 31st July in Trwyn Tal, a beautiful farmhouse on the edge of the Brecon Beacons in Wales.

Situated in a beautiful mountain location with stunning views that entice you into nature to walk, contemplate and be, Trwyn was built in 1940 and is truly a place to escape to. You’ll leave the fast pace of life behind and slow down, there is no mobile phone signal and no internet to distract. It’s the perfect place to take time out; to give full rein to your hopes and aspirations and to rediscover that spark that you thought you’d lost, that identity that has got buried. Ladies, it’s time to banish overwhelm and start again with a clean canvas.

I’m Heather Waring and I’m a coach and walking expert. I specialise in working with busy, often stressed and overwhelmed women who feel disconnected from their own identity and purpose. This has usually come about because they have been pulled away from their own path as they support and are there for others. Sometimes it’s because they are at a crossroads in life caused by divorce, ill health, an empty nest or something similar.  Could this be you?

Some of my clients are close to burn out, others are suffereing with Adrenal Fatigue (AF) though they don’t know it. I burnt out in 2013 and was diagnosed with AF a year later and truly it was the best gift I could have been given. My journey has lead me to being they very best version of me, doing what I love and that’s what I want for you at whatever stage of your journey you are at. Walking and being in nature has played a huge part in my recovery and ongoing delight in life.

The Practicalities:

Getting there:

The nearest train station is in Abergavenny and then from there take a taxi to Trwyn Tal, Capel-y-ffin, NP7 7NP.
If you are coming from London trains take approximately 2 hrs 15 from London Paddington via Newport. Coming from other places, check out to get the trains for your journey.

You can also drive.

In our time together, you will –

  • enjoy daily walks
  • experience mindfulness walking
  • have plenty of thinking time
  • be part of discussions on all aspects of health and wellbeing; the life you want to lead and how to make that happen and many other topics besides.
  • make new friends
  • have some 121 coaching time
  • experience some small group coaching
  • learn and also hopefully share relaxation and de-stressing techniques
  • have the opportunity to ask as many questions as you want
  • enjoy home cooked food, cake and prosecco
  • get guidance as to what to pack
  • be invited to a pre-event group call so you get to meet the others before you get there.
  • start to develop your routemap for moving forward
  • have a 1-2-1 followup call with Heather on your return.


Your Investment:

£920 + vat which covers your 3 nights board, all your meals and your walks, coaching, and your follow up call. If you want to pay in installments, do let me know and we ‘ll get that sorted for you.

Your travel is not included.

Only looking for 6 women so if you wish to grab a place then email me on or call me on 07941 246619

You need to make a decision quickly as Sarah at Trwyn Tal has other people looking to take this slot, so step up now and join me.