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Heather Waring at a crossroads
Heather Waring at a crossroads

Venturing out

Was it really all those years ago that I started my own business? I’d always had great jobs and an inspiring and much loved career in the ‘not for profit sector’ where most of my work had entailed being thrown in the deep end, something which suited me entirely. I love being given the autonomy to take something new and shape it, putting my stamp on it and making things happen. Perhaps that’s why, in September 2000, the transition to running my own business as a Business Coach was a natural next step. And that step has led me here, where I bring all my experience and combine my passions of both coaching and walking to ensure you ‘walk to the rhythm of your heart’ with WaringWell.

In this wonderful business I provide you with the gift of space and time so that you can put yourself first and take ‘time out’ to look inside, to ponder and explore leading to you designing and living the kind of life that’s in your heart. I do this through guided walking experiences and adventures which may be a day long, a week long or even over some part of a year. You can find out more on the other pages of this website.

Finding my footing

I’d always walked and have some great photos and memories of wonderful inspirational walks and then in 1999 I took part in a sponsored trek along the Great Wall of China raising £12,500. This was in the middle of my difficult time in the workplace and the training and the trek were my sanity as I could escape from life and get out there in nature where the perspective was very different.

This experience never left me and in 2005 when I hurt my back and had to give up on the family holiday, I saw this as a message to prioritise me and especially my health. I turned to regular walking and in 6 weeks the difference was amazing. People started asking if I’d been to a spa; they commented on my glow, my toned body, my weight loss and I felt so energised.  Since that time, walking has become an integral part of who I am so it will be of no surprise that it features so prominently in my life and work.

Taking walking seriously led me to train and lead a team of 16 women to successfully complete a 60km sponsored walk raising £32,000 in 2006 That team became the East End Girls Walking group who still walk together.  Together we have walked the length of the Thames Path, the London Loop and Capital Ring and recorded  Ramblings on Radio 4 with Claire Balding. Some of us walked the Inca Trail and one of my fellow walkers and I have been walking the Camino de Santiago de Compostella  from Le Puy en Velay in Central France since 2008. We walk a section a year at least on this 1000 mile journey and it’s significance and it’s magic has greatly influenced the destinations for many of WaringWell’s walking events.

The Greatest Gift

In early October 2013 I hit burnout. After taking some time off to look after me I got caught up in enthusiasm and demand and fell back into work again, only to find myself diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue in Oct 2014. What followed was a roller coaster but this has, in fact,  been the greatest gift I could have been given. I had to stop and pay attention. I had to get back in touch with me. I had to look after my health. I used my walking to give me the time and space I needed and I used many experts to help. I looked into my life and was honest about what I needed and wanted and wow. I am now the best version of myself that I have been for many years. Interestingly when people ask what happened, I truthfully answer – “too much stress and too many years of striving, pushing, being there for everyone else and ignoring me a lot of the time”. When I started to talk about what was happening to me, many others had permission to share about themselves and far too many of us women are on this continuum.

My aim, through WaringWell is to help you never get to where I got to or….. if you are there to share my experience and techniques and those of others, so we can get you back. on track.  At times I didn’t think I’d ever find my glow and sparkle again but I have . You can too.