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Would you like to move more? Would you like to take more exercise and know that you are also investing in you and in your health, your wellbeing and longevity?

Come join with us in the Walk Challenge, our rolling programme, and you can do all that …and much, much more.

How would it be at the end of this year if you were –

  • fitter
  • more mobile
  • in flow
  • sleeping better
  • more toned
  • happier
  • healthier
  • glowing
  • a few pounds lighter
  • ready to take on the world
  • less stressed
  • more connected
  • spent more time in the moment

All this and more is possible ….through walking.

If this excites you then join me and lots of other wonderful women as I guide you through the  Walk  Challenge.

It doesn’t matter whether you are already a regular walker and want to do even more; you’re looking for a purpose; you do a little and want to build up; you feel that this is a good form of activity for you and need a focus to get started or you are recovering from an injury or illness, the challenge will work for you.

“After my poor week last week, took inspiration from you ladies to march up and down on Monday evening to hit 10000+. Tuesday saw me walking to the other side of Edinburgh city on an errand and hit 15000+. Today so far am just under 12000. What has happened to me?? Am really enjoying being part of the group.” Linda Everett, Edinburgh

You choose the level you like and if you find yourself exceeding that as the year passes, you can shift to a higher one, it’s that easy.

10,000 steps a day is often quoted as the distance to walk to reduce your risk for disease and help you lead a longer, healthier life. 10,000 steps is about 5 miles (8 kms) and as the average Briton walks between 3,000 and 4,000 steps a day, 10,000 steps would be a stretch for some whereas for others it’s a daily norm.

In this challenge we started off with two levels, but now we now have four. The third one was requested by the wonderful women in this community as they were on track to exceed the 1000 miles but not sure they could reach 2000, so 1500 miles was included. The fourth was because even 1000 miles stopped some people and I didn’t want that to happen. You have to start somewhere so even one step is a step in the right direction.

Each level has a target to meet and you can choose to allocate your distance in whichever way you wish. You may decide on a daily amount, you may prefer to do it weekly or set yourself an amount for the month, it’s up to you and your lifestyle.

“48,783 steps which is an average of 6,969 a day. This is an increase on last week, so will work on that this week. Today I’ve already done 10,669 and it’s only just gone 5pm.” Gail Laidlow, London

Starting out/ Rediscovering walking – you commit to walking 500 or 1000 miles a year, e.g approx 1.25 or 2.5 miles a day or 2500/5000 steps. The larger distance is the equivalent of walking round the whole of Wales

This level is not about making sure you go for a long walk every day as I know that, for many, this can seem impossible, especially at the start. No, this is about moving more for the good of you, your health and wellbeing. It’s about taking the stairs (sometimes I do mine 10 times to add extra steps) whenever possible, walking to places instead of taking the car – think post box or corner shop, walk while you talk on the phone, walking to the coffee place to meet a friend, it’s about walking with that friend and chatting as you move. You get the idea. It’s step by step and building gradually.  You don’t even have to get hot and sweaty break as you can do your walking in chunks for example get out of your chair every half hour or so and walk around your home or garden for a while.

“I’ve had a good couple of weeks with my totals going up. 2 weeks ago – 56688 ( ave 8098) last week – 62791 (ave 8970) Am pleased with this. I’ve upped my daily goal to 7500 and its looking like next week it should possibly go up to 8000.” Thea Jolly, Bolney

Building up/Needing a challenge – here, you commit to walking 1500 or 2000 miles a year, e.g. 3.75 or 5 miles and 7500/10,000 steps a day. The highrer distance is the equivalent of walking from Geneva to Santiago de Compostella and back.

You are walking regularly but you need something to get you walking more, accountability or motivation, support and being part of a community. You have been injured and know you need to up your pace and distance and know that this is easier when you have a goal to aim for and people to walk with even virtually.

“Overall March was a good month – some weeks better than others but I find myself looking for ways to get out and about more than I did before so that’s positive! I can fasten the belt on my jeans one notch tighter so it’s having an effect on my body shape!” Linda Everett, Edinburgh

If anyone is at all concerned about your joints or any existing health conditions,please talk to your GP in the first instance and then have a chat with me before you start.

What you will get is  –

  • Walking tips that cover how to walk safely, what to wear whilst walking and gear to buy.
  • Guidance on how to get started and build up your walking distance and pace
  • Membership of a closed Facebook group where you can share your goals, your progress and where you can get friendly support when you need it
  • Accountability for the personal goals you set from your your new friends in the group and from me as your walking guide and challenge leader.
  • A new virtual community to be long to
  • Up to date information about walking challenges that you might want to join
  • A regular newsletter and video updates – this will start properly in September.
  • Random draws and prizes

Discover the joys of walking and the ability to start to explore your local community. Plan trips further afield and just be open to all that being in the open air and nature can bring to you. I’ll be introducing you to more as we journey through this challenge.

“Morning! Just totalled up my steps for last week and made it to 70,408. This has been a gradual 3 week journey from 47k, to 54k to 70k. The shift has come around from getting rid of the second car which means doing the school run ‘walk’, walking down to the local high street or corner shop. Just means I am going to have to invest in some clothes for all weathers and a comfortable bag to carry work and laptop. But it’s all good!” Frea O’Brien, London

Your investment is only £72 for the year, (that’s approx $89 or €83 ) only £6.00 a month.

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Once you’ve clicked through the links for more information, if you still have questions, please email me. My aim is to fully meet the needs of you as a past, present or potential client, so let me know what you’re searching for and I’ll do my best to provide it or put you in touch with others who can.

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