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Extremely helpful

I had a wonderful planning session with Heather this week. She broke down my work/life into sizable chunks and then we worked around where to slot everything in for maximum output. I found it extremely helpful and when you work for yourself and by yourself, sometimes it's hard to see the wood for the trees. I would thoroughly recommend a visit to Heather in relaxed surroundings, she instantly puts you at ease and you come out feeling you can just about do anything!

Jo Tocher

Stimulating & encouraging

Thanks ever SO much for your time and input today.  It was really useful, stimulating, encouraging, and it provides me with a plan of action and timetable which is excellent!  I very much appreciate it.

Corinne Gotch

Blending warmth with professionalism

Heather, you effortlessly blend warmth with professionalism, this is what attracted me to you and continues to do so.

Janice Barnett

Led me to my dream job

I met Heather shortly after the closure of my business in which I was a partner in a general high street law firm. As soon as I met Heather I knew she would be able to help me piece my life back together and regain my self confidence.  I knew she was the right person for me because she came across to me as a very strong, positive, professional woman. Her energy and love for life was infectious! Heather helped me find a way of coping with the aftermath of the business closure which was a massive task. She simply reminded me that there would be light at the end of the tunnel and made me believe that things would get better! After a fantastic brainstorming exercise in one of our coaching sessions Heather led me to my dream job because I enrolled on a course to become a personal trainer! In June 2011 I qualified as a Personal Trainer and 6 months on I now have my website and a great portfolio of clients. Heather coached me all the way through to colour designs/ pricing/ marketing/ advertising/ networking and so much more! I cannot believe how much I have achieved and often have to pinch myself!  

Sonia Gandesha

ultimate planning guru

Fantastic to spend time with the ultimate planning guru, who keeps you grounded but also helps you reach for the stars!

Bayari Beegan

Very positive experience

Heather always knows what you are capable of, and guides you to realise that yourself. There is never any criticism with Heather, only encouragement and you know that you’re in safe hands. It’s a very positive experience and you leave with a great feeling about yourself and life in general.

Jo Tocher

'Can-do' Switch

Heather, you are able to find the gems hidden in the waffle! I ALWAYS feel better after discussing things through with you. You are able to turn on the ‘can-do’ switch.

Karen Knott

Generous, big-hearted and down-to-earth

Coaching with Heather helped me in so many ways.  It helped to get my life on track as I took it up at a time when I left my job to persue as a freelance consultant and to set-up in business on my own. Although we focussed on the most important – the job situation and the financial side of things, other areas seemed to ‘fall into place’ for example, my relationship. Other changes I noticed through the encouragement of the coaching  were I became much more independent and confident, more vocal about my needs and because of that I  started to ‘make things happen’ whereas before I would just ‘wish’ for things. Heather is a generous, big-hearted and down-to-earth person who will make you feel at ease. She will encourage you to think about your options to take you just that one step further, to challenge you but also will be there to guide you too.

Usha Chudasama

Excellent coach

I have been lucky to have experienced Heather as my coach and during that time the achievements I have made in both my business and personal life have been amazing. Heather has a great eye for long term success combined with knowing what you need, right now, to make you take action and move one step closer towards your goals. Above all, she is a warm person and very down to earth – two qualities in a coach that are extremely important to me.

Paula Gardner

inspiring and motivational

An energising and uplifting walk in the forest as a taster of what's to come with Heather's new venture. The use of meanings behind plant names got us all thinking and talking and I found the experience inspiring and motivational. I went home relaxed, stress free and enthusiastic about life in general and I'm really looking forward to more of these walks.

Carol Darvell

the luxury of time and space

I was lucky to experience a fabulous taster walk with Heather this morning. It was well worth taking the time out from the busy day to day stuff, to enjoy walking in nature (even if it was cold, windy, muddy and drizzly!) I feel very calm and grounded just after a couple of hours walking, with the luxury of time and space to think. Thank you Heather for making it possible and please book me in for more!

Gail Morgan
Image Consultant & Trainer / The Image Trainer

Still pondering

I enjoyed a lovely walk with Heather and four other women yesterday. After yesterday's mud and nature I kept to urban paths this morning and found a beautiful flower just outside my door on my return. WaringWell's path is very exciting so I recommend you keep your eyes open for walking opportunities that will arise. I really enjoyed working with the cards and taking time on the walk to ponder on what they represented and how that affected me. I'm still pondering my card this morning.

Carolynne Spencer
Accountant / RFM Associates 

Creativity Flows

I have worked with Heather over a period of seven years and in that time I've got to know her well in both a professional and personal capacity. Heather is a great mentor and coach, always putting her customer's needs first. Her holistic approach is certainly a great asset and women in particular finds this approach beneficial. Heather's walking sessions are always an amazing experience, there is something about the open spaces and being out in nature that make decisions easier and creativity flow and I did a lot of my work with her in this way. Her planning or personal development sessions are tailor-made and her networking within the wider community has earned her the highest respect and admiration. I often recommend her services to others as I believe she is the ultimate professional, very knowledgeable about business and secure in her own skills and expertise. Heather is always happy to share new ideas, skills and own experiences and knows when to challenge, when to guide and when to support.  Her caring and thoughtful approach adds value to all the services that she offers to her clients. I am looking forward to continue working with her for many years to come and wish her and all her clients every success on the path ahead.

Hannake Kluge

Letting go of past 'baggage'

I ignored my very long to-do-list to take up Heather's invitation to try one of her WaringWell walks, in trial format, so she could gauge feedback and amend as necessary.  Well, it was perfect as far as I was concerned.  I enjoyed being out doors in the fresh air, not only engaging in nature but also engaging with myself too.  Some of the exercises helped me to reconnect with the 'present', and one exercise in particular helped me to let go of some 'baggage' of the past.  I'd pay to start my working week in this way and hope I get a future opportunity to go on a walk lead by Heather.

Gail Laidlow
Health Coach and Business Developer / Dynamic Life International